WWII, V-E Day: The War in Numbers versus The War of Numbers

22 June 1941–9 May 1945: Dedicated to Soviet Russia’s men and women in arms who died in Second World War to save their own peoples and the World

Ever since then, the paperback writers have been at loggerheads fighting their war of words from the desktop trenches, both East and West.

The War in Numbers

The War of Numbers


The War in Numbers versus the War of Numbers

Permanent losses suffered by the armed forces of Germany and the armies of its satellite states on the Soviet-German Front over 22 June 1941–9 May 1945 periods.

Military losses in terms of formation losses; the USSR vs. Germany

Total Red Army losses on the Soviet-German front (from 22 June 1941 until 9 May 1945) and in the war against Japan (from August 8 till September 2, 1945)

Benchmarking the German and the Soviet forces in terms of their respective strength and warfighting capabilities

The Soviet Union’s Red Army’s Wartime Losses in Terms of Ethnicities Profile

Under the general editorship of Colonel-General F.G, Krivosheyev, Full Professor of Military Science Academy; Ph.D. in Military Science

History Writer, WWII

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