Pre-war international agreements with Nazi Germany

Signatories and Dates

In hindsight, there are different events to remember:

  1. The Munich Agreement, 29 September 1938, between Germany, France, Italy, and Great Britain; and follow-up pacts: 1. Non-Aggression Declaration, 30 September 1938, between Great Britain and Germany; 2. Non-Aggression Declaration, 6 December 1938, between France and Germany

2) The Dusseldorf Agreement, 15 March 1939, Economic Relations Agreement, between Great Britain, and Germany;
3) The Soviet-German Agreement, Non-Aggression Pact, 23 August 1939, the one is a corollary of the others (?)

To toe the line in terms of WWII history, therefore, there are different dates to consider:
1) 3 December 1935, in Ethiopia, Africa;
2) 7 July 1937, in China, Asia;
3) 29 September 1938, in Czechoslovakia, Europe ;
4) 1 September 1939, in Poland, Europe.

Why is the history knowledge so much limited, biased & partial, and truncated based on the “pick and choose method?” How come that the Munich Agreement which opened the floodgates of WW2 is completely and totally disregarded and ignored? Check the table: entire Europe with France and Britain taking the lead by example lined up to kiss Hitler’s hands. In Spain, for three years the Soviet military personnel together with the international volunteers from across the world had been fighting against more than 300,000 German and Italian soldiers whereas Britain and France declared their neutrality posture. The appeasement policies pursued by Chamberlain and Daladier did push Soviet Russia into signing the agreement, and it was the last one to have done so. Where do you get your history lessons from? From Britain’s Foreign Office? They still have their documents classified and unavailable to the general public due to disastrous revelations that are highly likely to cause enormous damage to the facade of the British Empire during the pre-war period.

Polish Foreign Minister Beck arrives for a meeting with Hitler, and the war is on the doorstep.
How can we possibly ignore this photographic evidence, who are these people if not allies in the upcoming military campaign?
How can we possibly ignore the swastikas, the handshakes, and the happy smiles: after all, this is a meeting of old friends! “The storm! Soon the storm will burst!”

History Writer, WWII