He is telling her one thing and she is telling him something else and claims she has heard him well, isn’t she Una Bella Donna?

In the early 1980s, the Reagan administration did its best to dump the Soviet Union’s trunk oil pipeline project designed and engineered to supply oil to Europe and which is now being used to ensure the uninterrupted supplies of oil to the EU customers. In those days the Americans had imposed sanctions on the manufacturers of the pipes for the project; therefore, the Soviet Union successfully set up its facilities and employed its technologies meeting the project requirements. It’s been 40 years since the date of the startup and commissioning of the project which continues to operate without a hitch.

Nowadays, the United States administration is fighting against another Russian project to ensure that Russia pays for the support of the US-sponsored extreme-nationalist regime in Ukraine which seized state power as a result of a military Coup D’état in 2014, and for which the US taxpayers had paid 6 billion dollars according to Viktoria Nuland, a senior member of the US State Department. Europe needs Russian gas to stay warm during the winter season whereas the United States needs Russian money to pay the cost of the ongoing Civil War in Ukraine balancing between the cold and hot elements thereof: a very much specific combination of international politics, economics, and war walking hand in hand together, or America’s signature shot, to wit.

The Nord Stream-2 is a modern project whereas the ex-Soviet gas transmission system being operated in Ukraine is already an obsolete gas pipeline and which is badly in need of a major turnaround and upgrades to ensure meeting the operating process specifications. It does need a proper maintenance job before any increase of its throughput capacity and that requires billions of dollars which Russia must pay, according to the US accountants. The ridiculous element of the currently ongoing gas supply-fracas involving the U.S. politicians from top to bottom is the lack of the U.S. commitment to redirect their own fleet of LNG Gas Tankers delivering gas to China and other customers in the East only because of the price tag attached.

In the U.S., they are raising a hue and cry blaming Russia for the current gas pricing crisis on the markets while refusing to win the day and sell their gas cheap to keep Europe warm thus giving cold shoulder to Russia’s efforts to warm up the Nord Stream-2 project towards the end of this year promising the onset of an Ice Age in Europe. Money has always been the only key to opening up America's heart.

So far so good, the Nord Stream-2 project’s linefill is now in progress and the good job will be successfully completed, shortly, lest Europe goes cold this coming winter.

History Writer, WWII