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Boris Yeltsin’s Cartoons

Translated from Russian


21 April 2019

Sure enough, everyone remembers Boris Yeltsin, Russia’s first Chief Executive Officer. What can you say about him? Without question, he was one of the most controversial figures in the history of the country. One can still argue, for a long time, about the role he played, but let us leave this smart talk for political scientists and historians to recycle. We should pick ourselves up, let us look at a few cartoons of Boris Yeltsin acting as our chief hero.

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This cartoon was created in the second half of 1998 when Russia was exposed to the chilling effects of the economic crisis that was raging in the country. It makes no sense to repeat what it was about, as many of us did not forget, have not forgotten, and still remember it well. In this picture, we can see the president of the country begging for help from the West and being refused.

Source of the image: Новости Белгорода и Белгородской области: главные новости на сегодня | Комсомольская Правда в Белгороде

This one is a good drawing for us to remember Boris Yeltsin signing the Belovezh Forest Preserve Agreements to disunite the USSR, he was a signatory to an act that put an end to his country. In a short time, this cartoon was posted in a Belarusian magazine so to highlight the event. What can one say… Comrade/Mister Yeltsin, Comrade/Mister Kravchuk, and Comrade/Mister Shushkevich shared a drink and changed the course of world history in a very significant manner, just “three men in a boat (to say nothing of the bottle of vodka.)”

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Many people will immediately think of one of his main “feats” when his name is mentioned, and which is the collapse of the USSR. This picture shows Boris Yeltsin as if he was a hero of Greek mythology, a monument to immortalize the feats of Hercules, as seen through the eyes of an artist. He, too, killed a lion and donned its hide…

Image source: Луцидариюсъ

An Australian cartoonist could only see Boris Yeltsin as he saw him going on air with the newsticker running. In a nutshell, he was a politician to be well remembered as a boozy-woozy for his intimate and friendly terms with the bottle.

Image source:

The Belovezh Forest Preserve party has many cartoons to remember the event. NO COMMENTS.

Image source: Припять и Чернобыльская Зона Отчуждения

This picture was Highly Likely created during an Armwrestling Championship event involving the Olympians, Yeltsin taking on Gorbachev. And one will only have to believe that the cartoonist was a genius artist who could foretell the outcome of this wrestling match. Just look at how weak and insecure Mikhail Gorby was portrayed, what a shame!

Image source: Collections et recherche | Musée McCord

Last but not least, here comes the cartoon showing nation’s CEO indeed, getting stoned and with a large bottle held firmly in his hand, drawing a sword.

Let’s call it a day…

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