Therefore, Europe is also invited to keep safe and secure generals’ jobs as well. There is nothing personal about it, just business

(A cartoon by Brazilian artist Silvano Meglio)


The United States has been at work to hamstring all projects involving Russia. They did kill the South Stream project; however, the Turkish Stream project has been operationally commissioned. Bulgaria has lost everything they had to gain from the South Stream Project: if beggars could be choosers...

In terms of Europe and European nominations, the US LNG supplies project has not passed the Statement of Opportunity, Early Concept Development, Proof-of-Concept, and Early Engineering Stages including the Front-end Engineering Design, and Project Engineering Design, Construction, and Execution Phases, and that requires major funding sources that must be allocated once the Final Investment Decision has been made and that includes billions of dollars. 1) There must be a fleet of ocean-going supertankers built to deliver the LNG shipments 2) There must be the onshore LNG handling facilities constructed. 3) There must be an appropriate LNG infrastructure developed. 4) There will be an issue of the burden of the project costs: who is going to foot the BILL?

Let alone the competitive tendering process to select the general contractor and deal with thousands of other administrative, engineering, managerial, and financial issues for a multi-billion-dollar project. This involves tens and hundreds of enterprises, tens of thousands of jobs, contracting, etc. It is about coordination of resources, regulatory and other issues within the jurisdiction of the European Union. First and foremost, this has neither been reviewed and discussed in parliaments nor considered in terms of feasibility study analysis, in Europe.

The Russian Gas option is readily available with no foregoing price-hike tags attached.

Will European consumers buy into the philosophy of multiple price hikes associated with the US LNG project which is still a political blueprint?

Thus far, the Trump and Biden administrations have only been able to politicize the issue. There is no any US-sponsored LNG project in place; there is a load of political pressure being bamboozled by the US administrations across the boards.

There is another collateral underpinning: a strong economic and business environment involving Russia and the European Union will nullify and cancel NATO’s war planning machinery… Therefore, Europe is also invited to keep safe and secure generals’ jobs as well. There is nothing personal about it, just business.


P.S. Pipeline transportation is used to ensure long-haul gas deliveries. The liquefied natural gas (LNG) shipments are carried by the oceangoing LNG supertankers and that includes the onshore LNG offloading and loading facilities. In both cases, any gas supply project will be directly contingent on relevant explored, proven, and recoverable gas reserves. Whether or not the US shale gas reserves will be sufficient to provide for the linefill of the gas supply system pipelines to the benefit of the consumer, is still a question. Shale gas extraction is not just about production volumes, it is also about the high production unit costs of the product associated with the shale gas production operations. The shale gas champions will talk about the technology of extraction, but not about the cost of the technology per se. Break-even prices will be discussed, but not the profits. However, an investor will not invest in break-even projects. Shale gas production has yielded a higher cost structure and a broader resource base versus that of conventional gas production. Shale gas is not a revolution. Shale gas is not cheaper than conventional gas.

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