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Translated from Russian


The facial appearance of Victoria Nuland from the US State Department speaks for itself. There is no story to recycle since it is all obvious. A very cynical, arrogant, even cruel auntie exhibiting a spiteful disposition… Back in the US, they are plenty in supply. Furthermore, she is “a big SME on Russia.” Indeed, her value-adding expertise is so big that the Americans had to pull & push hard to ensure her visit to Russia, sure enough, indispensable as she is. She had been disallowed from entering Russia due to her persona non grata listing status.

Formally, Nuland’s entry visa was traded in for lifting America’s sanctions against certain important Russians. Without question, the sanctions will be reinforced as soon as she gets back to the U.S.: there is no way to trust the Americans let alone people like Nuland.

The details of her visit were not disclosed and that includes the outcomes of her discussions with Sergey Ryabkov, Russia’s Foreign Minister Lavrov’s Deputy. Though, we can try and figure it out.

The target softening bombardment preceded Nuland’s visit to Moscow and that included threats to kick out as many as 300 Russian diplomats from the United States, i.e. even Russia’s UN workers formally unrelated to the United States. Furthermore, the issue of sanctions against Russian officials and first rank businessmen Mishustin and Miller was raised in Congress, i.e. they did try to scare the shit out of us which is their signature shot. In terms of threats we are seasoned players, going unimpressed. This is America’s habitual tactics … If they could, they would have done so long time ago.

Russia’s Medvedev unambiguously wrote in his article that in its present condition Ukraine is of no interest to us, and that there is no one to talk to. Let Zelensky discuss his problems with Nuland since from our perspective he is Nobody. In other words, she had a stale and rotten cookie for us in her bag…

What did she want from us? “Predictable bilateral relations, “ that’s what Nuland had stated before she arrived. This translates from American into Russian in terms of her desire that the Russian behavior with respect to China is aligned with the US wishes. There is a serious mess brewing around Taiwan and the U.S. imperative is to neutralize Russia. The China issue is coming under pressure across the entire field. But what can they offer us for all this? What kind of a cookie is up their sleeves?

There can only be two tasty cookies which are Ukraine and Syria. However, in view of the American traits of blatant deceit and contractual nonperformance pitted against the background of their words and deeds, we have not fallen for all these “cookies.” In Syria, we did everything we had to do, sanctions notwithstanding. Where it boils down to Ukrainian leftovers, no one is interested, neither in the U.S., nor in Russia, nor in Europe…, nor even the Ukrainians themselves, to wit (i.e. Kirill Brinsky, or rather Sergeant Golopupenko?).

In a nutshell, the one-and-a-half-hour meeting dismally failed. Sergey Ryabkov’s summary report on the outcomes of his meeting with the spiteful citizen reads in so many words, “We have discussed the entire bilateral package in great detail. …The international topics focused on the problem of strategic stability and the prospects for further work in this focus area. Even though the Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs is not nominally in charge of this topic since she owns the so-called Russian portfolio, she made several points and we responded.”

The translation from the diplomatic language of the same implies that no agreement whatsoever has been reached.

Moreover, the Americans wishing to have their bases established near Afghanistan were categorically rejected.

“We have emphasized that any form of the American military presence in Central Asian countries was unacceptable,” the deputy minister said.

That is to say, Nuland was simply told to drop the issue.

She badly wanted to go to Moscow, and all for nothing. As stated above, her appearance did show that she was not a person one could agree to do any business with, anyway. So, it did happen.

My take out of this would be as follows:

1. Where there is even a “big SME on Russia,” there is no understanding of how one needs to talk to Russia. The time for ultimatums and cardboard bullshit has bygone whereas these SMEs can do nothing else.

2. Nuland goes home empty-handed and this is just another kick in Biden’s decrepit ass. Global highbrow and arrogance have played a very cruel joke on the “exceptional nation.” To improve their affairs, they do need to make concessions both to Russia and China and that includes Europe as well. However, granting any concession will show the world at large that there is no “exceptional nation” since there is just a country which is neither worse nor better than any other ones. As for the United States, this practically reads as if it were a death sentence consistent with Nuland’s visit outcomes signing off the verdict.

P. S. China has already bluntly and rudely refused to meet with the U.S. at the highest level. Repeated offers and requests to arrange a meeting between Biden and Xi Jinping, have been rejected. It seems that the same prospects await Biden in the Russian focus area. The Americans have already agreed that no one wants to talk to them…

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