“Joe plays a unique and valuable role, and it will be extremely difficult to replace him

Top 10 action items to remember the U.S. Vice-President Joe Biden acting as the “Ukraine Project” Watchdog

By Eugenia Kondakova, an observer of Украина.ру

16 January 2017

Translated from Russian

«Не вступайте в войну, ни за, ни против кого-либо из них. Стойте на своем месте, иначе потеряете все».умолял старик в своем отчаянном обращении, которое осталось без внимания.

Предисловие: «Российские вооруженные силы представляют собой экзистенциальную угрозу для Соединенных Штатов», — заявил генерал-лейтенант Скотт Берриер (Scott Berrier), директор Разведывательного управления Министерства обороны (DIA), во время слушаний, посвященным мировым угрозам, в Сенатском комитете по вооруженным силам. Он сказал, что вооруженные силы России служат для сохранения влияния на государства «по ее периферии, конкурируя с глобальным превосходством США и принуждения противников, которые посягают на жизненно важные национальные интересы России. «Москва продолжает инвестировать в свои стратегические ядерные силы, в новые комплексы вооружений для усиления своего потенциала стратегического сдерживания, и это ставит под угрозу нашу страну, США», — заявил Берриер.

Мирное сосуществование как идеологическая…

“Stay put, and don’t go to war for or against either of them,” the old man pleaded in an appeal that fell on deaf ears.

Foreword: (CNN)The top US military intelligence official said during a congressional hearing on Thursday that the Russian military is an “existential threat” to the United States.
“The Russian military is an existential threat to the United States,” Lt. Gen. Scott Berrier, director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, said during a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing about worldwide threats.
Berrier said the country’s military is being used to maintain influence over states “along its periphery, compete with US global primacy and compel adversaries who challenge Russia’s vital national interests.” …

In this respect, the Kremlin has invariably been available to deliver the services inclusive of the delights and pleasant surprises, thus bringing its Western “friends and partners” to a nervous breakdown just by being polite.

By Rostislav Ishchenko

Subsequently, Russia is now focused not on how to respond to Biden’s insults, but on how to avoid the worst by being in the same room with a madman dancing with a cocked grenade and a torch on a barrel of gunpowder.

By Rostislav Ishchenko

Lavrov said: “We live there, and this our country. But what the United States is doing in the format of its warships and military personnel who are constantly organizing different NATO activities in Ukraine, thousands of kilometers away from its own homeland, this question so far has remained unanswered.”

By Yury Apukhtin

Translated from Russian. Source: https://www.putin-today.ru/archives/123151

With his goal set out to “capture the imagination and will of humanity,” he will surely claim the role of the leader of the global project — The Great Reset.

By Chairman of the S.F. Sharapov Russian Economic Society Professor Valentin Yurievich Katasonov, Doctor of Science in Economics; published by Analytical Portal Strategic Culture Foundation

The professor’s rhetorical question reads, “When Will Life Return to Normal?” His own answer sounds both cynical and honest: “Never. Pandemic” and Lockdown are forever.”

by Valnyin Y. Katasonov

Translated from Russian

Катасонов В.Ю. Читая Шваба. Инклюзивный капитализм и великая перезагрузка. Открытый заговор против человечества


According to Chairman of the S.F. Sharapov Russian Economic Society Professor Valentin Katasonov, Doctor of Science in Economics, it is imperative to understand the economic transformation processes unfolding in the world in order to better understand the current environment and prospects for Russia’s economy.

The Great Reset According to Mr. Schwab or Lockdown Forever

The former head of the helipad operations who for 12 years whilst acting on his own initiative, purposefully and knowingly made sure that the runway was free of debris, foreign objects, and that shrubs did not grow.

On 7 September 2010, a Russian Tu-154 passenger aircraft operated by Alrosa Airlines was performing a regular passenger flight YM516 from Polarny (Yakutia) to Domodedovo (Moscow), when en route the crew had to perform the emergency landing procedure at Izhma airstrip 3.5 hours after take-off due to total power loss and which resulted in the shutdown of the on-board navigation systems. The fuel pumps’ electric drive also shut down, which meant that it was impossible to reach the destination airport or any other suitable alternate airfield.

The crew made a forced landing by using a manual and visual control process…

The great divide of the world started with Crimea rejoining Russia; therefore, the world will never be the same again.

Translated from Russian; source post: https://iarex.ru/articles/80147.html?fbclid=IwAR2sFPiq6IJ3ycJjrfQdV_jjfUsI7h9T-rnxxLr7xZ2hLSi7lkH4DQCGg-4

By Elena Panina, Director, Institute for International Political and Economic Strategies — RUSSTRAT

18 March 2021

Satellite image of Crimea

It was Nikita Khrushchev’s arbitrary ruling that the Crimean Peninsula was transplanted from Soviet Russia to Soviet Ukraine. With Crimea coming home to Russia from its alien host country, seven years to date, the history march has inexorably changed and this world will never be the same as we saw it in the aftermath of the Soviet Union’s defeat in the Cold War.

The Western thousand-year dream coming true: Russia fell to never rise again they thought and…

Oleg Savkin

History Writer, WWII

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