This is a deal that Putin and Biden can wrap up in terms of arrangements to form their work teams and create a platform for the evergreen process of negotiations without prejudice to their countries, respectively.

By Rostislav Ishchenko

“I don’t want to use any harsh words, but they just ‘spit in our eyes and ignore our interests,’ and that’s it,” Putin noted, explaining that the West puts its geopolitical interests above the interests of other countries and peoples.

“It reminds me of Nazi Germany’s theory and practices, “ in so many words did President Vladimir Putin of Russia comment on the Ukrainian draft law “On Native Peoples .”

“Efforts to divide the population of any country into the first-class and second-class categories of people are reminiscent of the ideas propagated in Nazi Germany.”

In so many words President Vladimir Putin of Russia commented on the draft law “On Native Peoples of Ukraine” submitted to the Verkhovna Rada by President Vladimir Zelensky of Ukraine.

The Russian President expressed his concerns that this document laid out grounds for discrimination on…


It is likely that Darwin’s theory of human evolution is due to completely cave in, shortly

When exposed to these effects, a person changes to acquire other characteristics and starts to think and act differently.

Translated from Russian

By Svetlana Gavrilenko, Institute of Quantum Genetics. -

It is likely that Darwin’s theory of human evolution is due to completely cave in, shortly. Scientists have probed deep into DNA molecules; they have seen the coded information that identifies us as a kind of biocomputer with the genetic programs of complex organisms uploaded. The Quantum…



A Strange but True Story

Moscow’s Kazansky Railway Station has always been a crowded and busy beehive of the passengers as if it were an Oriental Bazaar only without trading stalls and sellers vying for buyers. When winter sets in, the thick crowds tend to get thinner and tickets are readily available without queuing up at the tickets desk; therefore, I quickly booked my lower berth in a sleeping wagon for the 1st class evening train to Samara and, fully satisfied, dashed off on my habitual rout in the downtown area of the…

There is nothing new under the sun, what has been will be again: There will be words and lies, there will be love and hatred. There will be no time to say the truth.

The anecdote comes first, as old as the hills: “A Soviet security service officer (KGB) and a Soviet dissident (SamIzdat) were going home by a public bus, sitting together, late at night, both tired and falling asleep. The dissident saw something in his dream and muttered, “Good night, Russia! This is the Voice of America Speaking.” The KGB officer jerked, and promptly responded, “KKK-GGG-BBB — KKK-GGG-BBB “to simulate the buzzing sound of his radio transmission jamming unit.”

Now, with a two-year gag-ban imposed by the omniscient Facebook, Donald Trump has every reason to appreciate the acute sense of humor that…

A love story, “I have lost my arms and legs. I don’t want to be a burden to you. Forget me. Farewell. Faithfully Yours, Zina.”

The pictures of female warriors are spreading viral both on the Internet and in the public information domain including the cinematograph, bestsellers, etc. Beautiful military parade clips are featuring our international beauties, in a diligent goose step, challenging their male counterparts in uniform. The “diversion and inclusion” drive has truly infected the female world wanting more adrenaline.

In Soviet Russia, there was a popular Great Civil War song describing two lovers parting and wishing each other well and good luck in so many words, “…If death, let it be an instant death, if wound, let it be a minor wound.”

Tony Blair did not have to worry too much. David Kelly was killed

Did Dr. Kelly commit suicide? If he didn’t and it was a murder, who may have ordered to kill British PM’s aide and Why?

By Vyacheslav Belash

Translated from Russian

Dr. David Kelly

The case of chemical weapons expert David Kelly whose mysterious death in 2003 resulted in a change in the BBC management team and led to the resignation of a senior adviser to Tony Blair and almost cost the prime minister his position, is once again debated. Few people were willing to buy in the idea of the official version of Kelly’s suicide; however, there was no…

Therefore, a decision must have been made for him to commit suicide, HIGHLY LIKELY, who knows?


What would’ve happened if Alexander Litvinenko had not been poisoned?


The question per se reads immaterial; nothing would have happened and the international relations in the world would be no different from what they are these days.

Where it boils down to A. Litvinenko: he went to fight his war and continued fighting until he caught his bullet; therefore, there is no answer to this question since there has been no definitive material evidence provided and there has been no judgment entered by the court in accordance with the established legal procedure. …

The Russian somersault steered by Vladimir Putin helped Russia survive and recover from the deadly nosedive. It was indeed both a miracle and mission impossible made doable


Does Putin see himself as another Stalin?


Unlike most peers across the world, V. Putin soberly sees the world in terms of history; professionally, he controls his emotions and not vice versa. It’s elsewhere, that the tail wags the dog as we can all often see and hear his counterparts coming forward with ill-prepared statements or hasty conclusions vocalized to regret sooner or later. Putin hates Stalin’s despotism resulting in national disasters, Putin can see and understand Stalin’s decision-making logic resulting in strategic victories that saved Russia and the entire world including the Anglo-Saxon segments thereof; that makes…

Oleg Savkin

History Writer, WWII

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