«Царь-Колокол. Царь-Пушка. Царь-Бомба. Это же Царь-Мина, как же это я …»

“Дамы и Господа! Дело сделано. На это ушли годы, но я бы сказал — столетия, и даже тысячелетия. Было время, когда думали, были почти уверены в том, что мы проиграли. Но нет. Дело сделано — и сделано успешно, хорошо”!

“The Tsar Bell. The Tsar Cannon. The Tsar Bomb. It’s the Tsar -Mine, how in the world am I …”

“Ladies and Gentlemen! It has taken years, and I would say centuries, even millennia, and the job is done. There was a time when we thought, and were almost certain, that we had lost; but no, a good job is done, successfully completed, well done!”

It is highly probable, that…

Come on, Granny, let’s see this movie, it’s a Horror Movie.

A long time ago, I chanced to meet a very wise man in his advanced age who told me an ancient proverb that sounded something like, “It is best not to live at a time of changes.” Shortly, in 1991, I knew what he had meant.

Germany’s eastern provinces (GDR)…

The need-to-know principle, “You need to know nothing, except that you don’t need to know anything.”


“Snezhok, Snezhok,* I’ve got some Kish-mish for you.

Come on, come over here. Help yourself, it’s a treat for you. Here it is.

Good boy. Clever boy, you are.

Beautiful you’re, beautiful.

Now, you go and do it, just do it.”

* Snowball

Please see this documentary, a potential candidate for Oscar nomination in the best Animal Farm story category award. There are no subtitles, however, please see above the translation from Russian of the voice recording.

The bellwether goat in action…

Обстановка враждебного окружения не оставляет места для предвыборных игр, поэтому этот вопрос не имеет никакого значения

Президент Франклин Д. Рузвельт проработал три срока и выиграл выборы на четвертый срок, основными причинами чего являлись кризис в годы Великой депрессии и Вторая мировая война. В настоящее время Россия переживает почти такую же ситуацию, включающую множество внутренних и внешнеполитических проблем, требующих немедленного решения. Война, которую коллективный Запад фактически объявил…

The environment of hostile encirclement leaves no room for the election games; therefore, this question is irrelevant.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt had served three terms and won the fourth term election the reasons being the Great Depression crisis and World War II. Presently, Russia has been going through a nearly identical situation that includes multiple domestic and foreign policy problems which must be immediately addressed. The war…

“I strongly disapprove of Pasternak, although I have never read his book.”

A Question posted on the Internet discussion platform: “The US and Poland make the loudest noise about stopping Russian gas imports. Why are they still importing Russian gas?”

An Answer posted on the Internet discussion platform: TO GAS OR NOT TO GAS, THAT IS THE QUESTION

“Why Can’t Poland and…


Discussion of controversial issues on the Internet can often lead up to interesting and/or rather unexpected emotional discoveries due to differences in perspective and perception of events appearing in…

Почему Польша и страны Балтии не могут отпустить этих людей… в Западную Европу? Почему они держат мигрантов в палаточных лагерях на границах ЕС?

В советское время поляки любили рассказывать анекдот о том, каким членом социалистического лагеря была Польша: «В нашем соцлагере польские бараки самые веселые». …

Why Can’t Poland and the Baltic States Let those People Go… to Western Europe? Why Do they Keep Migrants Camped Out at the EU Borders?

During the Soviet period, the Poles would love to crack a cute joke about Poland being a member of the Socialist Camp, “In our Camp, the Polish Barracks have the most fun.”With so much at stake, it appears entirely unsurprising that too much fun is never enough.…

The actual objective…

Oleg Savkin

History Writer, WWII

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